Management, Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys

The three types of standard surveys are Management, Refurbishment and Demolition surveys of which Infinity are UKAS accredited.

Management Surveys & Re-inspections

Management reports locate all existing asbestos within a building. All internal and external aspects of the building will be included in this type of survey. Our management surveys are available on all property types and will also allow the duty holder to put a Management Plan in place. Clients need updated management surveys every 2 years as a result of legislation.

In addition to a management survey, HSE will require a re-inspection report on an annual basis. This is to ensure the safety of individuals using the property. As a result of the re-inspection clients will receive a report detailing any changes to asbestos and also any recommendations.

Refurbishment & Demolition

Refurbishment and Demolition reports were previously referred to as an R&D survey. When a customer is implementing construction work, they will first need a refurbishment or demolition survey. This will ensure the building is safe for work to commence. This survey will include specific areas rather than the whole building. Demolition surveys are more destructive that refurbishment surveys. Our team will help you if you do not know what type of report you need.

Before you carry out any building work, you legally require a Refurbishment and Demolition survey. In the event you need advice prior to refurbishment or demolition works, please get in touch with the team.


We carry out all surveys to standards and requirements as set out in HSG264 Asbestos – The survey Guide, RG8 and CAR2012. We provide a clear and easy to follow survey report for all customers including:

  • Executive summary to give a quick overview of your asbestos and risk status.
  • Individually tailored through the correct survey planning.
  • Individual recommendations for ACM’s identified
  • A full register, including itemised inspections, findings and photos
  • An itemised plan of the site detailing all sample points
  • Material assessment for all asbestos products
  • Bulk sample certificate

In addition to surveys, Infinity offer a large amount of property compliance services (for example, Legionella Management). A full list of the services we provide can be found in Our services.