PV Installation and Maintenance

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation and Maintenance

Infinity offer NIC-EIC accredited solar panel PV installation and maintenance solutions. Our expert team has vast experience in managing and implementing these solutions and can therefore provide you with guidance and support, whatever your needs.

Solar PV Maintenance Services

It is important that you ensure your solar panel system is frequently checked and maintained by a qualified engineer. This will not only ensure that you manufactures warranty remains upheld, but will also guarantee the systems performance throughout the year and ensure you obtain the full lifetime of the system and therefore maximise your returns.

As well as providing maintenance solutions on your PV system, we can also remotely monitor your outputs and respond when any issues arise. As a result you get minimal downtime of your PV system and ensures maximum returns. Like part of any maintenance contracts, one of our highly qualified and experienced engineers will attend your property to carry out a thorough annual service of your solar panel system. We will also attend your property for any reactive, emergency repairs.

We can also attend reactive emergency repairs for non-contract clients on a one-off basis.

Solar PV in Installation Services

We have vast experience and the capability to design and install a Solar PV system that meets your requirements. We also work alongside leading international trusted brands to ensure we can provide you with a wide variety of high quality and cost effective solutions, including:

  • Polycrystalline panels
  • Monocrystalline panels
  • PV tiles
  • In-roof systems
  • On-roof systems
  • Flat roof systems
  • Ground mount panels

The benefits to having a Solar PV system installed on your property include:

    • Reduced energy bills, as the energy produced during daylight hours is used by the property. You can even increase these savings by investing in an energy storage system.
    • Feed-in-Tariffs (FiT) can result in payments for generated energy and consequently lead to a high return on your investment.
    • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is one available finance options that enables educational and commercial premises to take advantage of a free solar PV system. No upfront costs or ongoing service fees apply
    • A reduced carbon footprintbecause solar PV allows properties to generate their own free electricity from the sun which is a natural sustainable energy source