Legionella Risk Assessments

NPS Infinity has years of legionella risk assessment experience beginning in the North West. We are now able to support clients UK-wide because of our continued development. All our clients are provided with a first class tailored experience to make sure all legislation requirements are achieved. Our employee passion and commitment keep customers water-safe, compliant and informed. Health and Safety Laws and Legislation can be confusing, we make it easy to understand your duties. As a result, you can spend more time delivering your own client needs whilst our professional engineers are taking care of your building requirements.

NPS Infinity provide 3 key ‘standard’ services for the control of legionella. Additionally we also provide a comprehensive monitoring package which can be found here.


Standard Legionella Monitoring Package

Legionella Risk Assessment

The ‘duty holder’ is anyone responsible for a building. If that building has water, the law requires the duty holder to ensure the risk of legionella is controlled. To first assess your building’s risk for legionella, a legionella risk assessment should be carried out. A legionella risk assessment is a visual inspection of your property’s water system. It involves inspecting all water outlets, pipes and tanks and also assessing the risks of each asset. A risk assessment typically lasts 2 years.

Upon completion of the legionella risk assessment, you will be provided with a comprehensive report, along with a schematic drawing of the water system of your building and also a list of risks associated with the building. Depending on the risks of the building, you may wish to remove them through remedial works. Please visit our remedial works page to find out more.


6 month Tank Inspection

Two further inspections will be carried out following a Legionella Risk Assessment. A 6 month tank inspection will take place to any building that contains tanks. This is to inspect the tank and also the water within the tank. If your building does not contain any tanks, you will not require this service.


Annual Inspection

Within a year of the risk assessment, an annual inspection would take place to ensure no changes are occurring to the water system, and no further risks can be identified. If more than 10% of the water system has changed, you may need a new risk assessment.