Water Hygiene Monitoring

Our dedicated team of Water Hygiene specialists have extensive experience with monitoring systems of all building types from allotments to commercial buildings. We are certified by the LCA and our engineers have over 20 years experience working with water systems.

We provide customers with a complete package to help keep them compliant. This includes educating duty holders about their legal responsibility, and also cutting the jargon, making a simple easy to understand plan. A summary of our monitoring services are below: 

Temperature Monitoring

Taking temperatures is the easiest and most common way to reduce the risk of legionella. Cold and hot outlets need to be within a certain temperature to ensure the legionella bacteria can’t grow. Monthly checks will be undertaken to ensure your outlets are working correctly and also at the right temperature. Additionally, you will receive a monthly report of all temperatures taken, any faults and a suggestion of how to proceed. 

Shower Head Cleaning

To prevent the growth of bacteria, shower heads should be cleaned, disinfected and de-scaled quarterly. Our engineers will ensure showers are clean and any faults identified. Additionally, all clients receive a report after TMV servicing has taken place.  

Outlet Flushing

If an outlet in your building is low-use or even not used at all, stagnant water can allow legionella bacteria to increase considerably. Low use outlet flushing should take place weekly, and each outlet should also be flushed for 2 minutes. Infinity can include flushing in our monitoring package if required, or provide a facility to record your own flushing.  

Water Samples

Infinity can sample water from a range of different water systems. To enquire about our water sample services please email infinity@norsegroup.co.uk


TMV Servicing

TMV’s (thermostatic mixing valves) mix hot and cold water in outlets. They ensure that water does not present a scalding risk and limits the water temperature to 41-430C. Therefore, TMV’s need to be flushed on a 6 monthly basis. Infinity supply a detailed report following all TMV servicing with a breakdown of any faults.


Clean & Disinfected

Water stored in tanks can often facilitate the growth of bacteria. Therefore, your tanks will be inspected every 6 months in our standard legionella package. We recommend tanks are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as soon as sediment starts to build up.